with simple tools, I look for the right frequency to get in
touch with another presence. when I find it, I give the
audience the opportunity to experience the same.
check out sounds : soundcloud

hs brighton.jpg  
photo Fabio Roberti

the gravedigger locating the dead
(International Experimental Sound Festival)
Wallis Benney Theatre, Brighton
19 november 2016

hs fylkingen nov 2016.jpg
photo Leif Elggren

the gravedigger locating the dead
at Tilde 2
Fylkingen Stockholm
4 nov 2016

live performances by:
Robert Piotrowicz
Marja-Leena Sillanpää
Tomasz Krakowiak
Piotr Damasiewicz

Gerard Lebik and Josefin Lindebrink

hs bonniers performance leif o jag.jpg
photo Mikael Goralski

which is altogether no one #2
at the opening of Insomnia
Bonniers konsthall Stockholm
24 september 2016

sound: Leif Elggren
voice: M-l Sillanpää

malmi flygplats.jpg
malmi flyplats jag.JPG
photo Evelina Kollberg

the gravedigger locating the dead
concert in collaborration with Louise Adelborg
at the opening of Art in Case
Malmi Airport Helsinki
10 september 2016

inviters Mikael Goralski and Joakim Forsgren

hs mossutst.jpg
photo: Mikael Goralski

the gravedigger locating the dead
at Upstairs Basement, mossutställningar Stockholm
20 may 2016

curated by Mikael Goralski, Joakim Forsgren and
Merzedes Šturm-Lie.

hs krev zurich.jpg
photo: Leif Elggren

the gravedigger locating the dead
at Cabaret Voltaire, Zürish Schweitz
13 may 2016

KREV´s 25 year celebration
DADA´s 100 year celebration

hs performance örebro.jpg
photo: Sofia Semlan Håkansson

the space around is eternal night
at Örebro Konsthall 
30 october 2015

original title: rymden runt omkring är evig natt

hs läsning av rogers bok.jpg
photo: Leif Elggren

reading from the fate of the house
a collection of poems by Roger Skjöd  
at Rönnells Antikvariat, stockholm
17 october 2015

original title: det öde huset

hs falun performance.jpg
photo: Leif Elggren

the contact 
at Galleri Se 
5 september 2015

HS mesmer nära.jpg
photo: Jean-Louis Huhta
the contact
at Mesmer #3
cantina real stockholm
27 may 2015

curated by Jean-Louis Huhta

MV Carbon
M-L Sillanpää
Carl Abrahamsson
 - film
Thumbnail image for HS fylkingen 2015.jpg
photo: Petra Axelsson
a contact with the other ones
at Konstapoteket & Konspirationen,
fylkingen stockholm
14 may 2015

image: Petra Axelsson
light: Per Åhlund



Carl Abrahamsson

HS performance kronan.jpg
photo: Leif Elggren

and the white and the white and three was gone
at As far as we can see, Galleri Kronan
norrköping sweden
18 april & 3 may 2015
HS skogen 2015.jpg
photo: Anders Paulin

these and the rest and all the rest we knew
with Leif Elggren and M-l Sillanpää
at Three White Soldiers, skogen
gothenburg sweden
14 march 2015
Performance by
Anders Paulin
Johan Forsman
Chiara Giovando
Leif Elggren
Marja-leena Sillanpää

grandia gerlesborg.jpg
photo: Maja Petersson

grandia presents grandia
with Petra Axelsson and M-l Sillanpää
at Gerlesborsskolan,
gerlesbog sweden
4 march 2015

hs drinking piece med fötter.jpg
photo: Natalie Gustafsson
drinking piece
performance at Textival conclusion
The New Studio
Örebro Sweden
6 december 2014

hs universums ljud karlstad.jpg
photo: Susanne Berggren
looking back to the future
concert at Party Paradise
Almars Farm
Karlstad Sweden
29 november 2014

hs universums alla ljud fylk sten.jpg
photo: Leif Elggren
the contact (with Sten Hanson)
concert at Sten Hanson Evening
Stockholm Sweden
21 october 2014

HS vision&sound.jpeg
photo: Chris Penalosa
vision & sound
performance at Generosity
cur. Ken Montgomery at Book Café
Staten Island USA
20 september 2014

dance Leif Elggren
live electronic M-l Sillanpää

HS kanada m antenn.jpg
photo: Jim Sharpe
looking back to the future
concert at Electric Eslectic Festival
Meaford Canada
2 august 2014

hs dala floda m blackdeath.jpeg
photo: Lisa Grip
looking back to the future
concert (day one) at Extensions - Session 2
Hagen, Dala-Floda Sweden
20 june 2014

hs dalafloda runor.jpg
photo: MLS
rune means originally secret
performance (day two) at Extensions - Session 2
Hagen, Dala-Floda Sweden
21 june 2014

HS ausculation aten.jpg
photo: Nicolas Malevitsis
with Ax Elggren Sillanpää Siltberg at Boiler Room
Athens Greece
18 May 2014
Gen Ken Montgomery
Dead Gum

HS universums alla ljud bord.jpg
photo: MLS
all sounds of the universe
with a radio and black death at Verkstad
Norrköping Sweden
16 May 2014

Thumbnail image for HS walla scen manifesta spår.jpg
 photo: Helena Cederblad
(for Victoria and Lea)
performance at Manifesta Spår at Walla Scen
Stockholm Sweden
12 april 2014

HS HUUTO 2.jpg
photo: Julie Breton
scream to scream
performance at Performance a Day at Galleria Huuto
Helsinki Finland
6 april 2014

ax screaming NY.jpg
photo: Leif Elggren
scream to scream
video  (the performance "subway scream" NY 2013)
Screening - World premiere of video compilation
Madrid Spain
22 February 2014

TOUR (film screening)
feb 2014 - LA NEOMUDEJAR, Madrid, Spain.
feb 2014 - PAE PERFORMANCE ART EVENT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
april 2014 - MUU GALLERIA, Helsinki, Finland.
april 2014 - HANASAARI, Espoo, Finland.
may 2014 - INTERAKCJE FESTIVAL, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland.
may 2014 - ART-ATHINA ART FAIR, Athens, Greece.
may 2014 - PAINTBRUSH FACTORY | LATERAL ARTSPACE, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
june 2014 - GALLERIA NAPA, Rovaniemi, Finland.
sept 2014 - NOT FESTIVAL, The Pop Up Queer's Shelter. Kobenhavn K, Denmark.
sept 2014 - TAL ART SPACE, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil.
sept 2014 - FOLKETS BIO, Umeå, Sweden.
sept 2014 - SES VOLTES, Mallorca, Spain.
sept 2014 - LILITH PERFORMANCE STUDIO, Malmö, Sweden.
oct 2014 - VISUALCONTAINER, Milan, Italy.
oct 2014 - NEW PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL, Turku, Finland.
oct 2014 - NEW PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL, Turku, Finland.
oct 2014 - AMORPH!14 FESTIVAL: VÄLILYÖNTI - SPACE | MUU GALLERIA, Helsinki, Finland.
oct 2014 - AMORPH!14 FESTIVAL: FESTIVAL BUS, Helsinki, Finland.
oct 2014 - HANGAR, Barcelona, Spain.
nov 2014 - TAMPERE ART FAIR, Tampere, Finland.
dec 2014 - EDINBURGH SCULPTURE WORKSHOP, Edinburgh, Scotland.
dec 2014 - feb 2015 - KNOCKDOWN CENTER, New York, USA.
feb 2015 - KUNSTKRAFTWERK, Leipzig, Germany.

subway scream
at MTA (A and L line)
14 april 2013 - New York
17 april 2013 - Philadelphia

recordings: Ax / Sillanpää
filming: Lars Siltberg

HS 29m sträng alla.jpg
HS 29m sträng hand.jpg
photo: Erik Nilsson
29m string and 4 sq.m. dance
sound and dans performance with Anastasia Ax,
Lars Siltberg, Leif Elggren
at Linear A
Stockholm Sweden
25 january 2014
original title : 29m sträng och 4kvm dans

HS repacking anastasias work.jpg
HS repackning detail.jpg
photo: Leif Elggren
(for anastasia ax)
at Foxhole #11, Minibar Stockholm
15 december 2013

sten hanson.jpg
photo: MLS
for sten (skärp dig för fan)
sound-track at project room at Örebro Konstskola,
3 december 2013
HS med guds söner.jpg
photo: Wenche Tankred
the gravedigger and the sons of god
at Fylkingen 80 years
Fylkingen, Stockholm
27 november 2013
electronic live sound: Marja-leena Sillanpää
dance: Kent Tankred and Leif Elggren

HS förtroligtsamtal del 1.jpg
photo: Anna Wignell
confidential conversation
part 1-2 with Victoria Brännström
at They know I am listening
Konstnärshuset, Stockholm
23 november 2013

HM leaving to sumpan.jpg
HS leaving sumpan .JPG
photo: Leif Elggren
ascension to milkyway
at Cosmic Castration
Millenieparken, Vintergatan 7
Sundbyberg Sweden
29 september 2013

HS dödensö performance.jpg
photo: Johan Jedebert
the gravedigger with disciples
presentation of KREV and the Island of the Dead
# 3
Isola di San Michele, Venezia Italy
# 2
Isola di San Michele, Venezia Italy
# 1
Isola di San Michele, Venezia Italy
TS new york.jpg
photo: MLS

tredje statsmakten (third power) 
together with Pär Thörn & Leif Elggren 
1 august 2013
tredje statsmakten (third power) 
together with Pär Thörn & Leif Elggren 
ISCP, Brooklyn NY
21 may 2012
live recording x 3
nORD - läser.jpg
photo: Leif Elggren
night book
sound from reading with Henrik Ibsen 
at performance and literature festival nORD, 
Galleri Nordenvind, Sæby Denmark
26-28 july 2013
Thumbnail image for hammer perform.jpg
hammer 76 glas.jpg
photo: Leif Elggren
bring new life to death
76 glasses for each year of Henning Christiansen
at The Hammer Without a Master, Møn Denmark
22 june 2013
bowiedans i gb.jpg
photo: Charlotte Maslov
dance: Leif Elggren
sound / voice: Marja-leena Sillanpää
at The David Bowie Museum 
Skogen, Göteborg Sweden 
8 and 9 feb 2013
curated by Magnus Haglund and Isak Eldh
school photo.jpg
photo: MLS
school photo 
arrangement with cover capes, Kokkola, Finland
7 dec 2012
Milla Andtbacka
Maya Westlund
Björn Lönnroth
Tomas Jakobsson
Leena Ojutkangas
Emma Valkama
Sami Väisänen
Kajsa Ignestam
Agnes Nordquist
Nathalie Siimes
Jani Niskavaara
photo: MLS
a certain kind of observations from 6+6 of us
(the release of my new cd; a certain kind of song will emanate 
from 66 of them)
Rönnells, Stockholm
3 nov 2012
a reading from books of the 66 dead writers 
by 6+6 living persons in 66 minutes:
Fredrik Andersson
Petra Axelsson
Peter Cornell
Anna Giertz
Henrik Grimner
Ulrika Gunnarsdotter
Leif Elggren
Annette Ronàld
Oscar Rossi
Nathaly Salas
Anne Smith
Gudrun Westman
seans ljus.jpg
photo: Sophia Söderqvist 
observations & memories
solo (concert as a seance) 
at Acéphale Naïvité Stora Teatern, Göteborg Sweden
29 sept 2012
smoke 5.jpg
burmarök o folk2.jpg
photo: MLS
when we dead awaken
at Awakening (Vekkelse), Burmaveien Norway
23 sept 2012
the journey ended at a forest                    
with sound from 3 megafones and smoke
src vi.jpg
ja 1.jpg
photo: Leif Elggren
bring new life to death
together with Anastasia Ax at SRc
Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm 
19 sept 2012
bring new - iscp 1.jpg
bring new - iscp2.jpg
photo: Felicia Cameron Junger
bring new life to death
at Open Studios ISCP, Brooklyn NY
12 may 2012
the sound of the last breath from 47 glasses
drinking piece.jpg
photo: Felicia Cameron Junger
drinking piece
at Open Studios ISCP, Brooklyn NY
11-13 may 2012
wfmu 1.jpg
photo: Leif Elggren
pause bird 
radio WFMU
Strength Through Failure with Fabio 
3 may 3PM-6PM on 91.1 fm 90.1 fm 2012
for listening to the entire program go to A ROYAL FAILURE
Listen: MP3 - 128K 
grandia chicago.jpg
photo: MLS
waiting for grandia
together with Petra Axelsson 
Lampo, Chicago
oct 2011
heaven hell.jpg
photo: Leif Elggren
together with Anastasia Ax 
Fylkingen, Stockholm 
sept 2011 
grand wait.jpg
photo: Katarina Norling
waiting for grandia 
together with Petra Axelsson 
at Message from Mr Cutajar Larrys Corner, Stockholm
sept 2011
grandia venedig.jpg
photo: Johan Jedebert
grandia #3 
together with Petra Axelsson 
Ostello Venezia, Venice 
sept 2011
thanks to the invited:
all students and teathers at Örebro Konstskola
ax wow.jpg
photo: Sophia Söderqvist
together with Anastasia Ax and 
Dasha Rush 
at Way-Out-West, Göteborg Sweden
aug 2011
grandia #2.jpg
photo: LE and Cora Axelsson
grandia #2 
together with Petra Axelsson 
at Summer Houses, Gotland/ Sörmland Sweden
july 2011
bring malmö.jpg
photo: Aron Fleming Sandberg Falk
bring new life to death 
Skånes konstförening, Malmö Sweden
april 2011 
the sound of the last breath from 46 glasses
axoja 1.jpg
photo: Denis Romanovksi
bring new life to death 
together with Anastasia Ax 
at Supermarket Kulturhuset, Stockholm
feb 2011
grandia #1.jpg
photo: LE
grandia #1
together with Petra Axelsson 
at Red Carpet Ball Järla Läderfabrik, Nacka Sweden
jan 2011
grandia bio.jpg
photo: MLS
the blue hour of grandia
together with Petra Axelsson 
Cinema Roxy, Örebro Sweden
jan 2011
thanks to the invited:
Jonas Silfversten Bergman 
Emelye Leffler
Sharmin Afsana Shuchi
Jenny Svensén
Maryam Tasdigh
Pernilla Ångström
3SM passagen.jpg
photo: Mats Karlsson
tredje statsmakten (third power)
together with Pär Thörn & Leif Elggren 
Passagen, Linköping Sweden
oct 2010
3SM rönnells.jpg
photo: Pekka Särkiniemi
tredje statsmakten (third power) 
reading together with Pär Thörn & Leif Elggren 
at Rönnells 80 timmar Rönnells Antikvariat, Stockholm
grandia cartoon.jpg
photo: Hu Xiaotian 
cartoon grandia 
event together with Petra Axelsson
Beväringsgatan 14, Örebro Sweden
may 2010 
thanks to the invited:
all students and teachers at Örebro Konstskola
studio 44.jpg
photo: LE
jag är clairvoyant 
at Acute Melancholia Studio 44, Stockholm
3SM rödsten.jpg
photo: Sophia Söderqvist

tredje statsmakten (third power)
together with Pär Thörn & Leif Elggren
at Textival Röda sten, Göteborg
photo: Jennifer Rainsford
jag är clairvoyant 
at Performance Konferens Clarion Hotel, 
at Huvudets container (STYX) Fylkingen, 
at Sverigebåten/ Ruotsinlaiva Winterviken, 
at Tamburen#1 (Modernista) Botkyrka Konsthall, 
at Departure of Melancholy Niklas Belenius Gallery, 
at Autistisk Kilskrift (STYX) Färgfabriken, 
photo: Sophia Söderqvist
reading with soundtrack 
at Poesifestivalen Pustervik, Göteborg Sweden
photo: Kerstin Olsson
reading and dancing with soundtrack
at Hur mår du egentligen? Brunogallerian, Stockholm
3SM finland.jpg
photo: Anders Bergman 
den tredje statsmakten (the third power)
together with Pär Thörn & Leif Elggren 
at Myymälä, Helsinki
3SM weld.jpg
photo: Anna Koch
den tredje statsmakten (the third power)
together with Pär Thörn & Leif Elggren 
at Weld, Stockholm  
3SM malmö.jpg
photo: Anna Sandberg Falk
den tredje statsmakten (the third power)
together with Pär Thörn & Leif Elggren 
at Inkonst, Malmö Sweden 
photo: Anna Wignell
isadora duncans last dance
at Öar & Oceaner 
Sundsvalls Museum, Sweden
photo: Petra Axelsson

the list of names 
Kulturhuset, Stockholm 
aug 2005
grandia björk.jpg
photo: MLS
grandia goes closer
together with Petra Axelsson
at Norways national day, Oslo
may 2005
thanks to Robert Johansson
tour grandia.jpg
photo: MLS
tour grandia 
together with Petra Axelsson 
Ford Fiesta, Sweden
at Från plats till plats (KKH)
feb 2005
many thanks to the invited:
Andjeas Ejiksson
Peter Cornell
Robert Johansson
Josefina Lyche
Dorinel Marc
Röda Pärlan - Malin Arnell & Victoria Brännström
Stina Stigell
Pär Thörn
Helena Öhman
las grandia.jpg
photo: Pernilla Carlsson
las grandia 
together with Petra Axelsson 
Galleri SOC, Stockholm 
may 2004 
many thanks to the invited:
Jenny Berntsson
Alice Broilliard
Vincent Bullat
Nils Edvardsson
Leif Elggren
Henrik Eriksson
Rebekka Eriksson
Johanna Gustavsson Fürsth
Daniel Hoflund
Karl Holmqvist
Andrea Hösel
Elin Maria Johansson
K-juntan - Malin Arnell & Victoria Brännström
Sara Lunden
Katarina Lundgren
Michele Masucci
Magnus Mattsson
OAO - Jerker Andersson
Linda Persson
Fritz Quasthoff
Mikael Rogeland
Christina Schippa
Erik Wijkström
photo: Martin Karlsson
bring new life to death 
at What are you fucking afraid of? 
Konstakademien, Stockholm
may 2004